For a low price, there are many options for affordable gifts for birthdays. You can personalize any item you choose for your loved one to make it unique and memorable. By investing some time and effort, you can transform a low-cost product into a special and treasured birthday present birthday gift.

Here are 10 great birthday gift ideas for less than $20 that will bring joy to your loved ones.

  1. Birthday scroll – Instead a regular card, make a birthday gift for your loved one by creating a birthday Scroll.The scroll can be crafted from silk or beautifully handmade paper. You can then add a personal note and gift it with a bouquet of flowers.
  2. Handmade pendant – This is where you can get a necklace and a pendant. Then, add your own personal touches by adding stones or beads.This will make an affordable and beautiful gift that will be appreciated by your loved one with happiness and excitement.
  3. Autographed books – A gift of a signed and signed book from your favorite author is sure to make a memorable birthday present.Ask in advance at bookshops for autographed titles so they can get one to you before the d-day.
  4. Picture Collage – You can make a wonderful picture collage from photos you have taken of your loved ones.This will make a great birthday gift, and it will only cost you $20. But the gift will be greatly appreciated by your loved one.
  5. Portrait mug — A portrait mug with a great picture of your family member on it is a unique gift idea for birthdays.You can also include a birthday note along with the date to transform a common mug in to a priceless memento.
  6. Theme birthday cakes – If you are passionate about baking, you could make a birthday cupcake with a theme that was inspired by your loved one’s favorite cartoon character or hobby.You can also ask your favorite bakery to make a customized cake for you.
  7. Personalized lamp shade: You can personalize plain lampshades to make unique gifts for birthdays. For less than $20, you can paint beautiful patterns or your loved ones’ Sun sign.
  8. Print your teeshirt. There are many places that can print teeshirts.You can pick a teeshirt in the preferred shade of your loved ones and then print a mouse photo or an image of your favorite pop star on it. This is a great, affordable gift idea.
  9. Painted candle stands-You can also find plain glass candlestands on the market that you can paint in bright and interesting mosaic shades.The candle stands make great gifts that can be used around your home and bring back wonderful memories.
  10. Teddy bear delivery – Another way to send a memorable birthday gift that is affordable and thoughtful is with a teddy Bear delivery.Order a suitable teddy Bear online. Your loved one will receive it on his birthday.

A small gift for your loved ones that is under $20 can still be very valuable, as it will show your love and sentiments in a unique way.




10 Affordable Birthday gifts under $20