We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with SEKO, the world-leading logistics partner for fast-growing businesses. With a joint vision and expert support on both sides, this partnership will help us deliver SEKO integrations in record time. 

Our first joint customer with SEKO is Castore, who’ve just gone live with their new Shopify Plus + SEKO integration – opening new doors for the brand’s online store.

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Who are SEKO?

SEKO are global logistics and delivery experts, working with enterprises all over the world to turn their supply chains into well-oiled machines. Founded in 1976, SEKO started iPaaS Vendors  out with a single Chicago office. Now, the company has become a global force, with over 120 offices in 40 countries worldwide. With a global view and vital in-country knowledge, SEKO offers their clients a stellar service at a local level, making international selling a breeze.

From transportation and logistics to forwarding and warehousing, SEKO’s platform streamlines every element of the supply chain, with configurable solutions to suit every kind of business. And, thanks to SEKO’s flat management structure, there are just three layers between the CEO and customers, creating a lean, nimble organisation that’s incredibly fast on its feet.

Patchworks x SEKO 

A 3PL that’s already connected with your other apps? Easy. We integrate SEKO with hundreds of the industry’s most popular systems, including ERP, POS, CRM, marketplace, finance and ecommerce platforms.

By integrating a 3PL like SEKO with your other core systems, you can automate the flow of information across your entire business – meaning faster order fulfilment, and a better shopping experience for your customers. No more wasted resources, data silos or human error. Just easy, seamless selling. And with an integration capable of processing over a million orders a day, there’s no limit to what your brand can achieve.

“Patchworks take the pain out of what can be complex, time-consuming and costly integrations by providing an easy, scalable and cost effective integration platform for our customers.”

Paul Lockwood, Client Solutions Director, SEKO

“SEKO enables our customers to scale rapidly with world-class global logistics. Approachable, forward-thinking and agile, SEKO stand out in the industry and are a pleasure to work with.”

Dave Wiltshire, CEO, Patchworks

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