Pokemon is a very popular franchise that originated in Japan and spread all over the world. Many Pokemon products like television shows, movies, toys, and games have been made. Pokemon FireRed is one of the games. Here is some information on it.

This game is a remake of a previous Pokemon Pokemon Leaf Green ROM game simply called Pokemon Red (version). Nintendo is the maker of the game and it is compatible with the Game Boy Advance system. It is also compatible with the wireless adapter for the Game Boy Advance. Some versions of the game include this adapter in a bundle.

It is a game that can be hooked up to other consoles as well, specifically the Nintendo Gamecube. This way, people can play the game on a television screen instead of the much smaller and portable Game Boy Advance screen. This turns the game from a mini and portable one to a traditional one.

This is a game for people that enjoy playing role playing type games. Players control a character and can view the movements and actions of the character by an overhead view. When a player wants their character to battle another, they simply have their character turn around to face their prospective opponent and the encounter will lead to combat.

Unlike the previous version of the game, this one has extra features. A contextual menu for guidance has been added as well as new regions for the character to explore. The overall premise of the game is to explore various regions, collect Pokemon along the way, and take part in battles. When a player comes across a Pokemon or they battle another character (also referred to as a trainer), they will do battle and choose a Pokemon to fight against the other one. They player will choose which moves to make in regard to the fighting tactics of the Pokemon they chose. Players can also use items during battle and change which Pokemon they wish to use. There is also an option to quit the fight by running away.

In this game, a player will lose a battle if the hit points (HP) of their Pokemon reaches zero. This will cause it to faint and it will need to be revived so it can battle in the future. Also, the Pokemon a player uses will become stronger and perform better in battles if they partake in many battles. The more battles the better because with each one, a Pokemon gains experience points (EXP) which allows them to level up (causing them to become stronger).

When a player tries to accumulate more Pokemon, a specific formula is employed. First they must face it and battle it. Then they must weaken it by having one of their own Pokemon attack and lower the hit points. Once it becomes weaker, the player can throw a Pokeball at it. If it successfully stays inside the Pokeball, the player has officially added it to their team of Pokemon they can use in future battles.

That was some information on Pokemon FireRed. It is a role playing game that many people enjoy playing. It is one of the many versions of Pokemon games made for the Game Boy series of systems.


Gaming Information on Pokemon FireRed