Play Vex 4 Unblocked is a new fun puzzle platformer game in which you control a cute little spider. Help him move through the box world, collect stars and try not to fall down! The game has 14 levels divided into 3 different stages. To unlock the next level you must complete the previous one first.

There are many obstacles along your path so make sure to watch out for the shadow of your jumping spider, spikes that can kill you easily, fly traps that will swallow you up if they catch you, and more! Collect all stars on each level then go to the next stage by jumping into the warp pad, but be careful because there are not many of them. The game is also packed with retro graphics which will take you back to the good old days.

What is VEX 4 Unblocked?

VEX 4 is an action-packed platform game where you need to reach the exit door on each level. You are a small robot spider with no weapons so you need to be careful before taking any step forward. Your task is not easy because there are many obstacles along your path which will kill you if you’ll get in touch with them, so watch out for spikes that can instantly destroy your spider and fly traps that can swallow you up in seconds. The game has 14 stages divided into 3 different worlds, each of them having 7 levels which makes a total of 21 levels to play. Collect stars after completing each level then go through the warp door to advance further.

How to play VEX 4 Unblocked?

Playing VEX 4 games online isn’t hard at all. You can complete the task in minutes if you are familiar with point-and-click adventure games. There are many obstacles along your way which make this game difficult to master, but don’t worry! We’re here to provide you a safe web version of this game that will allow you to get through all levels without any problem. Just go ahead and follow the below instruction then enjoy playing this fun point-and-click puzzle game.


The first thing you need to do is hitting the play button available under the “play” section on our website linking directly to the official developer’s site minijuegos.

Tips for playing VEX 4 Unblocked:

You can find a difficult selection to choose between Easy and Hard before you start playing as well as a bunch of helpful hints as to the game progress.

– Most levels have some objects scattered on them which may come very handy, so try to pick those up as soon as possible. They will be shown on the screen by an eye symbol if you put your cursor above it. Some items, such as keys or puzzle pieces are used automatically when needed.

– If you’re stuck somewhere in the game and just can’t figure out what to do next, then just check out our solutions below to see how others have solved that level before trying it yourself – perhaps that’s the trick!


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