It doesn’t matter how far back in time you go looking for proof of funeral rites; you will always find them. We all have an intrinsic desire to remember, appreciate, and honour the lives of those who have passed on before us. Those who have been adored by us.The best funeral services in Singapore are not a ceremony that just takes place for the sake of taking place. They are endowed with intent, purpose, and significance in their existence.

Assist the living

When we lose someone we care about, our thoughts and hearts fight against the reality of the situation at first. We refuse to acknowledge that the person we cared about is no longer here with us. The primary and most important goal of a funeral is to assist the living in coming to terms with the passing of a loved one. Acceptance of what has transpired is a prerequisite to both healing and the process of mourning. Mourners have the opportunity to face reality and start working through their grief when they attend a funeral that is profound and restorative. The funeral does not mark the conclusion of the journey through grief; rather, it signifies the commencement of the journey. We have to find a way to accept our new reality, which is one in which our loved one is no longer in it.


Remembering the deceased person is an important part of a funeral service and should not be overlooked. This is demonstrated in the speech, the songs or passages that are selected, as well as the reunion of friends and relatives that takes place after the service. Remembering and talking about our past experiences with loved ones is a helpful way to go through the grieving process. We start the process of shifting our relationship with the person who has died from one based on their present to one based on their memories.


A funeral also serves to rally the community around the grieving family. Everyone who knew the deceased attends the funeral. It’s helpful to talk to other people about our experiences in order to reminisce, vent, and receive comfort. Attendees at a funeral who gather for a visitation or service might comfort one another with sympathetic words and warm embraces. Friends may withdraw out of concern for the family in the absence of a funeral ceremony. A public funeral, however, allows for more people to show their support and compassion during a difficult moment.

What is the Purpose of a Funeral?