It is a question frequently asked: what is the reason people use cannabis?

In the world marijuana is the most widely utilized street drug. A study conducted in 2007 found that 14.4 million individuals in America alone had used cannabis at least once during the past 30 days.

There are many reasons people choose to smoke marijuana and we don’t have all the solutions. There are however some traditional psychological reasons why individuals begin and then keep smoking marijuana which we can look into.

Psychological causes

The psychological motivations for using substances can be like the reasons why people purchase items, go to specific websites or select an unintentional or impulsive option at any given moment.

While dopamine transmitters constitute just 1% of the brain, they “are connected” with the crucial regions.

Dopamine is usually linked to”the “reward system” which provides satisfaction and motivation in order to inspire a person do certain things.

Dopamine is released, and it rewards experiences like sexual activity, food and other drugs Temperature Controlled .

Dopamine’s role isn’t completely understood, however it may explain a range of “urges” in the human mind. Humans are naturally drawn to activities that offer rewards. It could be the reason why humans are drawn to drugs in search of immediate reward, even if an eventual negative effect is well-known.

Here is an example of an action flow diagram, which might help to provide an explanation of the procedure:

The way we live must change Get involved and get the benefits > Be aware of how to be an associate

We’re taught to look for food , and we are given nourishment as the “dopamine reward” that is later learned to allow the process to be repeated. Drugs also provide us with the sensation of a positive sensation (the “high”) which is can be accompanied by the “dopamine reward” which , in turn, is “learned” and can encourage the habit of behavior.

This could explain the causation loop that addicts suffer from. They’re bored (hunger) are hungrier, they consume drugs (nourishment) and are then reward-driven, they learn the connection that they are rewarded, and at the same time, the good associations get reinforced, thus becoming an addiction.

In other words, all of us have dopamine transmitters , but only a handful of us are taking substances. So , what could be the other motives?

To fit in / peer pressure

One of the most effective psychological reasons for behavior is the number of different expressions like “monkey see monkey behave”, “peer pressure” and “social evidence”. It can be described as copying or replicating of behavior we see in the world around us.

There are many reasons why we are trained to follow what the people around us. Therefore, in essence when there are many people smoking marijuana around us, we’re likely to do the same.

This pressure to be accepted can be more potent for younger people, as we are all aware. But, using drugs to look good is not all that is needed and should not be seen as such. It could, however, be a contributing factor.

The copying of role models / hero

Another reason for people to smoke marijuana is linked to the first point about copying behaviour. People will naturally duplicate the actions of people who are considered to be a good example by their peers. Therefore, copying the drug-taking behavior of celebrities can be explained as follows.


One of the most significant examples for people to follow is their family members. A lot of children “learn” how to consume alcohol through their parents, and later, when the consequences of the substance aren’t appreciated, marijuana may be a good alternative.


In the same way, based on the individual and “stage” during adolescence or early adulthood, smoking grass may be a means to differentiate them from their parents.




Everybody’s lives can be stressful at times. Young people are especially susceptible to sudden bursts of stress, and smoking marijuana is often thought of as a temporary relief from stress.

Experiment / take risks

Males, especially young males especially, are inclined to take on greater risk and experiment more than other people.


Numerous religions stress the importance of smoking cannabis in order to connect with God.


Marijuana has been identified as an effective painkiller for a variety of conditions. Particularly for women in their early years, marijuana can be especially beneficial in battling menstrual pains.


Finally, there could be evidence to suggest that a predisposition to be addicted to substances that alter your mind could be inherited.


Why do people smoke Cannabis?